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International Development Network


With the launch of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) it is now more than ever that a more connected and coordinated approach to solving the world's biggest challenges is needed. In the true spirit of SDG 17 the International Development Network is about fostering collaboration. Collaboration through discussion, ideation, and practice.

The network is open to anyone with an interest, vested or otherwise, in the development of our global neighbours and communities.

The primary aim is to create a supportive environment for the sharing of ideas, best practice, and outside-the-box thoughts on how best to create sustainable positive impact. The secondary focus is to foster cross-sector relationships and transfers of knowledge.

The RSA International Development network is a great opportunity to learn, network and share. We welcome anyone and everyone interested in international development. The diversity of this group is what has allowed us to look at and approach ideas in new and exciting ways! I hope to see you at our next event!

Adam Boxer FRSA

Circular Economy Online Library

Circular Economy Online Library

The International Development Network has launched an online library of circular economy initiatives. The library is a crowd-sourced collection of posters providing a resource for Fellows and others based anywhere in the world to learn from initiatives in this sector and to encourage collaboration and the championing of circular principles. 

Please submit your circular economy innovations to the online library or view the growing collection of case studies.


How to submit to the library

1. Visit the library

2. Download the template

3. Create your poster, referring to the terms of use below, and save it as a PDF file

4. Drag and drop your poster into the library

online library Terms of use

All ideas uploaded and shared on the RSA International Development Network Online Library, hosted by Google Driveare done so with an understanding that the platform is open and therefore all ideas will be visible to both Fellows of the RSA and members of the public. 

All users are expected to abide by these terms and the Fellowship Charter. Users who do not adhere to either these terms or the Fellowship Charter may see their access to the platform terminated with no prior notice and, in the case of Fellows, disciplinary action under the RSA’s bye-laws. 

The RSA cannot be held accountable for the transmission of ideas via the Library, the mis-appropriation of ideas shared on the platform, or the theft of intellectual property. 

The Library is moderated with the help of its users. As a user you agree to promptly notify the RSA of any misconduct noticed in Online Library. You agree that all case studies submitted by you are your own and original ideas, or that you have permission to do so by the organisation you are featuring.  

You agree that you shall not post anything which is offensive, defamatory or otherwise unlawful, disrespectful, demeaning, inappropriate, threatening, abusive or which breaches the intellectual property rights or any other rights of another person. 
You understand and agree that where you enter any content in to the Library that your basic Google account information (name and email address) are visible.  

By submitting an example to the Library, you accept that you are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms, and your use of the ideas Library will be in accordance with these Terms.