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The RSA's Coaching Network mission is to turn coaching into a social contribution. It aims to engage Fellows in personal and social development by harnessing the transformative power of coaching; increasing access to and embedding coaching methodologies and skills across the RSA Fellowship and beyond. 


  • Transformational Conversations on 21st Century Challenges

    Fellowship Event


    Join us in a series of Coaching Conversations to work towards positive societal transformation. This series will explore many of the challenges we all face today, from sustainability, work, diversity to inclusion, and much more.

  • Coaching and mindfulness at RSA Coffeehouse

    Fellowship Event / Coffee House

    The Coffeehouse, RSA House

    As part of the Fellows Festival, Fellows are invited to attend some informal reflective sessions in the RSA Coffeehouse throughout early June. Join our Fellow-led Coaching and Mindful Living Networks.

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Discover Circle

Bringing Fellows together in collaboration on their innovations and our mission.

Few spaces exist where individual and collective aspirations truly align for human flourishing. The RSA is such a space. The Fellowship creates a dynamic and supportive network to harmonise and amplify the best of human capability and that has been my experience in setting up the Coaching Network.

Network Founder & previous Lead Amina Aitsi-Selmi FRSA
Picture of Cathy Presland FRSA
Cathy Presland FRSA
Network Lead

Picture of Stephen Burt
Leadership coach, author, speaker and jazz guitarist. Co-chair of the RSA Coaching Network.


Picture of Amina Aitsi-Selmi
Transformational Coach & Consultant. Founder of the RSA Coaching Network