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1000 Worm Farmers initiative

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The Nottingham based social enterprise The Urban Worm CIC is looking for 1000 budding worm farmers for their new project ‘1000 Worm Farmers’ funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

As part of the project, participants from community organisations, schools, businesses, institutions and individual households will receive 100g of composting worms in the post to get them started on their worm farming journey. In order to apply, participants must make their own DIY worm farm with guidance from instructional videos on the website, and you don’t even need a garden, worms will happily live under your kitchen sink.

Worm farming, otherwise known as vermiculture, and although the practice is underdeveloped in the UK in comparison to the rest of the world it is one of the most efficient methods for managing organic waste, that consequently produces a highly nutritious compost and fertilizer as a by-product. Worm manure, often referred to as worm castings contains all 14 nutrients essential for healthy growth and plant development and is teeming with beneficial microorganisms. 

As opposed to hot composting worm farming is a cool process and can easily be practiced indoors and is particularly suitable for the urban environment where space is often scarce, creating opportunities to reduce the volume of kitchen waste destined for landfill.  Composting Tiger worms (Eisenia Fetida) can consume up to half their body weight a day in organic waste, reducing the volume by up to 90 %, significantly reducing the need for fossil fuel driven vehicles.  Furthermore, food waste emits the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide that are 31 and 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

Director and founder Anna de la Vega believes worm farming is one of the most powerful forms of direct action we can take, and she is inviting you to take it with her. 

To apply please visit: