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From the very beginning we wanted the coffeehouse to make a valuable contribution to the RSA mission, so it’s important for us to create a truly inspiring place.

RSAnimates help spread the ideas of leading thinkers, from education expert Sir Ken Robinson, to author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich, psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist and many more. As something that has inspired millions around the world, we wanted to visually represent the ground-breaking style of these animations in the coffeehouse.

Andrew Parke is the talented animator behind this series, and here he is taking a tour of the building work and sizing up the wall that will soon display an 11m x 2m giant RSAnimate mural (no pressure Andrew).

Andrew Parkes, Cognitive Media (centre), with Oliver Reichardt, RSA Director of Fellowship (left), looking at the space in the coffeehouse where the RSAnimate mural will be hung.

Andrew's plan is for this Animate to tell the story of the RSA, beginning in 1754 with the original 18th century Rawthmells coffeehouse. The final panel will depict Rawthmells and the RSA in the future, and Andrew is crowdsourcing ideas from the Fellowship. Send us just one sentence about your vision for the future of the RSA and Rawthmells coffeehouse - any ideas Andrew takes forward will be credited with a free enlightenment coffee when we launch.


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