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Art with Homelessness: Making Art mean something in the Politics of Today

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In June, Stephen Robertson, Marice Cumber and De gard FRSA met to discuss how art affects the homeless. This meeting was extraordinary. From this conversation, a number of attendees wish to move the arena out of conversation and into social activity to arrive at the type of politics where arts are shown as significant.

On 6 August 2019 at 7pm in the Dr Cross Room at the RSA, some of those who both attended and did not attend the June meeting will be gathering to discuss art with homelessness.

Please join the meeting for an essential conversation that has the critical aim of writing to Parliament, and to a Parliamentary committee, noting how art can help with such a tragic circumstance as homelessness.

Please see details of the last event here. Scroll down for a schedule of upcoming events in the 'Art with...' series.

Click here to view a clip of the June event.


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