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Bristol Education Partnership is a collaboration of 14 secondary schools in the city. They are working together on a number of exciting projects, including the BEP Climate Challenge, to ensure that partner schools are making a positive contribution to tackling the climate emergency.

They are currently planning a Sustainable Industries Careers Event involving a number of Bristol-based industries/organisations. Selected students from each of their partner schools will meet professionals from different companies across this sector to hear about some of the jobs that will be needed as we transition to a zero-carbon economy and the skills that will be required.

The workshops they are proposing will involve contributions from different parts of the sector (energy, food, transport, waste & recycling, etc). BEP are also keen to support young people to become entrepreneurs in this sector. 

Contributing to Bristol Education Partnership - If you are based in or near Bristol and able to contribute to this work by offering a workshop or alternatively work experience opportunities, please contact Project Lead: [email protected].