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Call on the Fellowship for Research Participants

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Researchers at London College of Fashion - UAL, and Coventry University are conducting research, and are seeking insights from the RSA Fellowship, to look at the impact of religiously-related fashion and strengthen the role of dress as a tool for interfaith dialogue.

The research project is looking at how religiously-related modest fashion and associated behaviours may impact on UK women's working lives – regardless of their own religious community or beliefs.

The research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The project is important for the fashion industry, employers, policymakers and women themselves – it will strengthen the role of dress as a tool for interfaith dialogue. 

They are looking to confidentially interview people from a wide range of backgrounds, religions and beliefs, including non-religious:

  • women employed by secular companies and organisations in the UK who have worn an abaya (long outwear robe, sometimes with a headscarf) when their work took them to Saudi Arabia
  • women who have had experiences of adapting their dress when working for and with faith-based organisations (e.g. faith-based businesses, schools, charities and publicly-funded organisations with a religious ethos)
  • HR professionals who have experience dealing with religiously related codes of modest dress and behaviour in the workplace

Interested in taking part? Do you know of someone else who might be interested? Please email them at [email protected] to express interest or if you have any questions.


For more information on the project please visit their website.

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