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Catalysing the brilliance of every maths primary teacher and child

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Mathematics education expert, Rebecca Hanson FRSA, has developed training for primary teachers which is enabling them to successfully teach every concept on the new primary maths curriculum to all their pupils.

The training is based on Montessori teaching and Cuisenaire but the teaching strategies Rebecca Hanson recommends are much simpler to understand and don't require teachers to do anything differently - just to explain what they already do more clearly with simple representations.

Rebecca is calling on RSA Fellows to support her project, Authentic Maths, with the aim to train others and catalyse the brilliance of every maths primary teacher and child across England.

The training I provide is unique as the new curriculum requires that many difficult concepts are taught to very young children and there is no precedent for this being successfully achieved on a large scale.
- Rebecca Hanson

How can Fellows support? 

  • Vote for the pitch to get a business expansion grant from Richard Branson (by Monday 23 May). For more information, visit:
  • Suggest sources of funding for business growth.
  • Support in finding partner companies who would like the prestige of being co-branded with the training provided by Rebecca's company, Authentic Maths, who might be able to help administrate the business or sponsor materials for it.

If you have any questions, or to offer your support, please contact Rebecca Hanson: [email protected]

To find out more, visit or listen to an interview with Rebecca Hanson on Business Innovators Radio

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