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In helping those in recovery from problematic drug and alcohol misuse, the West Kent Recovery Programme team is pulling together to help people get through the difficult holiday season. 

The team is creating a programme of activities and events in our hubs at Gravesend, Maidstone and Tonbridge to tap into support available in local recovery networks and the wider community. 

The RSA Recovery Community Organisers will host festive decorating parties, card making activities and outings to local events hosted by other charities, services, organisations and community groups.  The programme of events will culminate in a Community Christmas on Christmas day hosted by the RSA's Lead Recovery Community Organiser and CRi staff in Tonbridge in partnership with a number of local charities including Porchlight (homeless charity), Richmond Fellowship (supporting people with mental health issues), Look Ahead (homeless shelter) and Tiny Spark Projects (community development charity).  We have also teamed up with a local catering business to provide a Christmas meal for those looking for some warm food and company on Christmas day.  

Across the hubs the team is collecting clothes, board games, puzzles, books, toys, sleeping bags, blankets, and other such items to distribute in the Christmas season and throughout the winter months.   Any donation to the Clothes Corner would help someone give a gift or keep warm.  The team would also greatly appreciate donations to fund the cost of the Christmas meal and information on funding opportunities that would support peer led activities over this period. 

RSA Fellows who live in West Kent are very welcome to set up or join activities or just pass on local knowledge of what is available across the area during the holidays. 

If you would like to help support vulnerable people in West Kent this holiday season please e-mail Benjamin Day at [email protected].

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