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Are you passionate about finding new solutions to societies trickiest challenges? Do you like meeting and creating energy for action with a diverse crowd? Do you want to be part of a community that is open, democratic and transparent?

If so, join Claire Haigh FRSA at the Collaborate Out Loud social on 16 May in Manchester, to meet the community and find out more.

What is a Collaborate Out Loud community?

Collaborate Out Loud communities are a democratic community of innovative and generous public service collaborators who work out loud to hack challenges, hatch new thinking, experiment with implementation and prototype. They spread impactful new ideas that will enable the changing public services landscape to get further faster and embracing the power of new ideas, collaboration and democracy.

How they work:

  • In an open and free way where anyone could follow the journey.
  • Where everything that was developed was open source and free to be used by anyone.
  • Where the group were true collaborators.
  • In a way that successes and failures where equally welcome opportunities to learn.
  • Where the process of collaborating in this new and free way could be observed, tested and understood.

What they do:

  • Serve public services at all levels and places Works on the challenges that public services are facing without the constraints of being within the system.
  • Crowdsource the challenges to work on to serve public services in a different and freer space.
  • Actively encourages challenge, new thinking and learning from when things don’t work out as expected.
  • Brings together the unusual suspects, thinking and approaches and allows the magic to unfold.

The 11 principles that the team follow in order to Collaborate Out Loud on a range of public service challenges:

If you want to find out more:

Join the Collaborate Out Loud social: Find out more and register a free ticket.

Contact Claire: [email protected].

Twitter: @CollabOutLoud #CollabOutLoud

Take a look at their online publication: Collaborate Out Louder.

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