Contribute your expertise: Food and Agricultural / Transport / Health - CEC Workshop 22 April - RSA

Contribute your expertise: Food and Agricultural / Transport / Health

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We are looking for a handful of Fellows with expertise in either the Agricultural, Transport, or Health sectors who can speak to our randomly selected Manchester citizens at an RSA Citizens' Economic Council workshop on Saturday 22 April.

The RSA Citizens’ Economic Council is programme seeking to strengthen the influence citizens have over national economic policy. A demographically balanced cohort of 50-60 people have been randomly recruited to take part; 25-30 of these we are working with in Manchester. The third workshop will be taking place in Manchester on Saturday 22 April, addressing the specific issue of work and the future of work. Previous sessions have focused on the economy and society, markets, the creation and allocation of money, and the role of economic institutions.

Food, health and transport experts - Morning session (9:45 – 12:45)

The theme of the day is the World of Work and we are looking for people who feel confident talking at a high level about the economic issues across the sector (supply, imperfect information, the markets and how they work and impact people, flows of migration and effects for labour): 

  • The food and agricultural sector - one expert required to contribute. We will also have a speaker from City University.
  • The transport sector - two experts required to talk about the transport sector and provide an overview of this including trains, tram, bus, walking, travelling.
  • The health sector - two experts required to provide a different perspective on the health sector – e.g. public health, NHS, private health, and provide a brief overview of it.

There is no formal presentation required – just a very short talk through some visual maps of the sector which have been prepared by the RSA team, and then answering/engaging with questions and comments with the citizens in small groups (no more than ten per group). In total, there will be ten citizens to engage with at any given point in time; we are rotating the citizens around the 3 sectors in groups so that they have the chance to spend 15 minutes on each sector. 

You'd be required to join us for the 2-3 hour session and are welcome to stay on for lunch at 12:45, plus the remainder of the day if you wish. The afternoon workshop (13:30 - 16:00) will present arguments both for and against the impacts of automation and economic growth.

Note your availability to contribute and find out more:

Please contact Reema Patel, Programme Manager: by 1pm on Wednesday 19 April.

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