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What role can co-operative businesses play in a post-carbon world?

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Co-operative business offers the opportunity for workers and consumers to own and control sustainable economic activity that will deliver returns for their wider community. Therefore co-op business is already playing a key role in the transition to greater economic democracy and inclusivity. A new conference in February 2017 aims to explore how co-ops might be able to go further, and support greater sustainability as well.

RSA Fellow Chris Crookall-Fallon,  is helping to organise the 'Co-operative Futures conference next February that will ask: How do we grow the co-operative sector more quickly, and ensure this radical business model can meet emergent market needs?

Each year, the Co-operative Futures conference aims to challenge the co-operative movement with constructive provocation. In 2017, the theme will be the transition to a post-carbon world. The current bonanza of cheap fossil fuels cannot go on forever as, even aside from climate change, they are not inexhaustible.    

The transition to a post carbon world will impact on all areas of people’s lives: access to food, transport, energy, land use, the built environment, workplaces and manufacturing. How can co-ops provide solutions?

Please join the Co-operative Futures team, whatever your background, at the Post Carbon Co-ops conference, on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February 2017 in Cheltenham, to debate how co-ops can play their full part in a rapidly changing world.

Please find out more and book your place here.

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