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The Decolonizing Design Coalition, incubated by RSA US, is proud to introduce the global volunteers that have joined as Coalition Members.

Modeled on the Living Change Approach, the coalition is set up as three concentric participation rings: Members, Champions, and Partners. Members have been engaged in co-creating the coalition's manifesto and sourcing global examples of successful efforts to decolonize the ethos of the design field. These examples will be distilled into a set of principles that will provide a starting point for future decolonization efforts.

Under the co-leadership of Jadalia "Jada" Britto and Vanessa "Ve" Dewey FRSA, the Coalition Members are:

Fahud Ahmed (UK)

Fahud is the Motion/Digital Design Director at Bulletproof. He is based in East London.

Salina Almanzar (US)

Salina is a Photography and Printmaking Technician at her undergraduate alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College. Additionally she is co-initiator, artist, and project manager of the seed projects, as well as founder and lead artist of Taller Pa'lante. She is based in Pennsylvania.

Stephen Ang, FRSA (US)

Stephen is co-founder and director of Light Perspectives, as well as a long time teacher/instructor of Visual Communication at places like the Parsons School of Design, and the School of International Art Beijing + Shanghai. Stephen is based in Colorado.

Sarah Campbell, FRSA (UK)

Sarah is Associate Director for Arts and Culture at the University of Exeter. She joined from the Victoria and Albert Museum, having worked extensively in museum and gallery education developing public engagement programmes and projects for a broad range of audiences, with a focus on visual art and design.

Cat Drew, FRSA (UK)

Cat is the chief design officer at the Design Council "where she brings together architecture and the built environment, public sector design and business innovation to support people live healthier, happier and safer lives." She is based in the London area.

Rama Gheerawo (UK)

Rama is the director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design where "he uses design to address society’s toughest issues from ageing and healthcare, to ability and diversity." He is based in the London area.

Lynette Pope (US)

Lynette is a global design manager at Colgate-Palmolive. She is based in Georgia.

Kelley Satoski (US)

Kelley is a media analyst intern at Flag Media Analytics. She is based in Georgia.

Natasha Schmahl (Germany)

Natasha is a co-founder of FutureBright GmbH. She is based in the Munich area.

Jason Schupbach (US)

Jason is dean of the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University. Jason is based in Pennsylvania.

Doreen Toutikian (Greece)

Doreen is a designer and educator who launched Beirut Design Week and served as the first director. She is also the co-founder and board president of the MENA Design Research Center. She is currently based in Greece.

Natasha Trotman, FRSA (UK)

Natasha is an Equality Designer, Consultant and Researcher whose work focuses on mental difference as a way to foster new conversations and approaches to the world around us; examining different ways of experiencing worlds. Natasha is an Artist in residence at Somerset House, Studio 48 based in the UK.

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