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Democratised Data Analytics for 21st Century Business and Society

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Arden University is in the process of developing a range of new Data Analytics programmes and are looking for skilled and experienced academics to join their team.

Having long been the preserve of a small number of specialist analysts, 21st century analytics is in the hands of everyone and employees and volunteers in a wide range of business and organisations need to develop specialist functional skills related to the role as well as a key skillset related to data analytics.

Harnessing the power of everyone rather than a few people will allow the benefits of carrying out analytics to be realised much more broadly and effectively than ever before. As well as adding value to business, the programmes would benefit those who are seeking to grow the activities of non-profit organisations and charities.

To support this work Arden University are looking to create a small number of fractional academic posts seeking people with skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Data gathering and design
  • Web enabled tools for data gathering
  • Web analytics
  • Data analytics (SPSS, R, Python)
  • Advanced database design, software and infrastructure
  • Data visualisation (dashboard e.g. Tableau)

At this stage they are looking for expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced individuals. If you are interested in working with a University that strives to broaden access to higher education through innovative and flexible means then please contact Benjamin Silverstone FRSA on

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