Desolenator- Using sunlight to create drinking water. Interested? - RSA

Desolenator - Using sunlight to create drinking water. Interested?

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“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they’re older, ask them what problem they want to solve”- Jamie Casap, Google.

For the team members at Desolenator, the answer to the above question is the global water crisis. This is the biggest resource threat to humanity and is set to disrupt the lives of half the human population by 2030. Overpopulation and climate change have caused the contamination and depletion of our global water reserves, and as a result, water-borne disease and mortality are strife across the world. This crisis is not selective over who it affects. It devastates the lives of both the wealthy and the poor across Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Desolenator is the game-changing social enterprise that is helping to solve the water crisis.  The high-tech product uses just sunlight to remove 99.9% of contaminants from ALL water sources (sea water, river water, brackish, groundwater, well water) and incorporates the latest Internet of Things (IOT) and mobile micropayment technologies. The unit is on route to becoming the most affordable and sustainable household water maker on the market.

Having successfully completed their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (raised $167K, pre-sold 140 units and developed a global network), showcased their products around the world and won various awards i.e. The Index Design People’s Choice and the IET Start-up of the year and Sustainability Leaders awards, they are interested in gaining input from you.

As a customer-centric start-up, they want you help in influencing the design and functionality of the Desolenator units.

Please complete and share this short survey  with your contacts, families and friends.

Desolenator are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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