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RSA Scotland is proud to promote Exercise in a Box. 

Exercise in a Box is a free, 90-minute non-technical workshop which helps organisations find out how resilient they are to cyber-attacks and practise their response in a safe environment. Exercise in a Box is supported by the Scottish Government and is expertly delivered by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre across Scotland (developed by the National Cyber Security Centre).

Exercise in a Box began as a self-use tool to help organisations test and practise their internal response to a plethora of cyber issues. 

Currently, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre offer four scenarios: Working from Home, Digital Supply Chain, Ransomware and Micro Exercises

The Micro Exercise in a Box sessions combine aspects of each of the above, with additional broader cyber security learnings and dive into the basics of cyber resilience, within a 90-minute session to ensure all organisations, regardless of sector or level of cyber knowledge, can benefit.

There are still two Micro Exercise in a Box events live on the website and open for registrations, taking place on 30th June and 28th July. Topics covered may include ensuring password security, identifying and reporting phishing emails, connecting securely during remote work, and responding to a ransomware attack.