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In these two Sprints the highlights were, advancing the research for the single sign-on (SSO) requirements and creating mobile designs for the service.

A reminder of the project's focus: this beta project is focused on enhancing existing and implementing a new technology at the RSA called Circle, to help improve how Fellows engage and contribute to the RSA work and collaborate with other Fellows.

For further detail see Beta Phase Sprint Notes 9 

Sprints 10 & 11 goals

The goals for Sprint 10 were to:

  • gather feedback on community guidelines
  • explore the role of community champion
  • progress service designs and handover to Netcel
  • agree plans for research and testing activity
  • progress decisions regarding SSO

The goals for Sprint 11 were to:

  • finalise and mobilise research/testing plans and engage participants
  • form a joined-up sprint plan with Netcel and decided an approach to the service launch

Sprints 10 & 11 highlights

Highlights during Sprint 10 include:

  • progressing user end-to-end journey designs and delivering a workshop to hand over to Netcel
  • advancing on researching the single sign-on (SSO) requirements and options
  • defining the beta testing plan and how to readjust the timelines to reflect the revised plan once it is ready
  • continuing the discussions to map out RSA teams involved in the service and planning how to engage them in the service testing and roll out moving forward

Highlights during Sprint 11 include:

  • creating mobile designs for the service
  • completing the SSO work, focussing on the RSA’s procurements options
  • further defining the research and testing plans
  • progressing work on naming conventions and community guidelines

Exploring single sign on (SSO)

We finalised our interviews with suppliers and have two shortlisted suppliers.

Plans for research and testing

We made good progress during Sprints 10 & 11 with planning the research. 

We finalised the development of the research and testing plans which cover:

  • key activities, dates and team members involved
  • plans for recruitment of Fellows and RSA Network Leads to take part in the research/testing
  • communication plans to plan and schedule research sessions with the participants
  • content plans to develop onboarding guidelines for Network Leads and Fellows as well as documentation needed for research/testing delivery
  • setting up of the Circle spaces for testing, and
  • design of surveys

Next steps

The core priority for the upcoming Sprint 12 is to focus on planning and delivering
the research, testing and engagement activities.

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