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Fellowship Digital Services: Beta Phase Sprint Notes 13

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In this Sprint, we advanced in three main areas: content design, technical architecture and research & testing.

A reminder of the project's focus: this beta project is focused on enhancing existing and implementing a new technology at the RSA called Circle, to help improve how Fellows engage and contribute to the RSA work and collaborate with other Fellows.

For further detail see Beta Phase Sprint Notes 12.

Sprints 13 goals & highlights

The main goals for Sprint 13 were to:

  • Focus on research, testing and engagement activities
  • Plan work for the upcoming sprints and plan the shift to service roll out.

Highlights from Sprint 13 include:

Technical Architecture

  • continuing with SSO work, supporting the combination of suppliers that is picked
  • reviewing the identified Technical Architecture needs and considering what needs to and should be taken forward based on agreed priorities
  • starting to review and provide input into the technical and accessibility testing plans for Netcel
  • beginning to work on a DPIA document
  • helping to plan out Technical Architect for SSO needs beyond September

Research & Testing

  • preparing the prototype tor testing sessions tor MyRSA
  • delivering testing sessions for MyRSA on the 6th & 8th September
  • analysing and presenting findings from the testing sessions
  • preparing for the follow up survey
  • starting to plan upcoming research sessions

Next steps

Our key high level priorities for the upcoming Sprint 14 are to:

  • progress and complete the research and testing
  • prepare the technical handover
  • progress staff engagement priorities

We're planning to:

  • manage invites and prep for Follow-up interviews and Focus group with Network Leads
  • deliver upcoming testing/research sessions
  • finalise the follow up survey
  • plan the handover and look for a new Technical Architect to join the team
  • deliver a Technical Architecture handover document
  • hand over to the incoming Technical Architect
  • update technical decision documents where appropriate
  • support RSA with creating the moderation process by reviewing the whole process and supporting the preparation of templates.


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