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The RSA affiliates in Oceania, and the US, as well as the team supporting Scottish Fellows, are proud to be offering three-month long mentorship opportunities for the global Fellowship.  

RSA US Mentorship Program 

RSA US is continuing their successful RSA US Mentorship Program, launching a spring cohort in March 2021. In recent years they have slowly expanded the program to include Fellows in Canada and Latin America with great success. The Spring 2021 mentorship cohort is open to any RSA Fellow situated between GMT -10 (Hawaii/Aleutian Islands) and GMT +2 (Eastern Europe/South Africa) time zones, providing they find a match that fits their time zone overlap.   

Interested Fellows should do the following: 

For further details, please contact RSA US Experience Designer, Emily Chiappinelli.

Mentorship opportunities in Oceania and Scotland

RSA Oceania, in partnership with the team in Scotland, are proud to launch the pilot of a mentorship programme, beginning in March 2021. Modelled on the RSA US Mentorship Program, the Mentorship Alliance will facilitate cross-regional matchmaking and is open to Fellows in Asia, Oceania and Scotland.

Interested Fellows should do the following: 

For further details, please contact RSA Oceania Director, Philipa Duthie.