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FRSA100 project: bringing change within our communities

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FRSA100 is headed by 100 Fellows who are undertaking a variety of projects to make an impact on at least 10 people outside of the Fellowship. There is no limit on what projects can be held as long as they have an aspect of societal improvement at their core.

The FRSA100 Fellows want to highlight some of the inspiring work they have done and progress made so far.

Fellow Project
Anke Harris-Collins Project Bee-Line providing online education about the bee ecosystem to students and social media users.
Naomi Kellman Coaching students from low socio-economic backgrounds on university and job applications. Also set up “Target Oxbridge” podcast, providing students, teachers and parents tips for Oxbridge application.
Ben Kaye Undertook a project called Bare Fruit - Improving Children's Diet. Visited a school and taught students about fruit benefits and intake. 
Michael Abiodun Olatokun Working to get 10 young (under 30) people from minority communities onto charity trustee boards.
Tim Bull Working on a project to fight fake news called “Where is Truth Now?”
Amanda Roberts Working with other volunteers, academics, patients, clinicians on a palliative care patient-led change programme: Patients Changing Things Together (PATCHATT).
Adam Ledger Creating a long-term project in the context of the Commonwealth Games cultural programme within the topic of chocolate. Based in Birmingham Cadbury’s, working with local community groups. 
David Russell Working on making coaching more accessible and affordable to others in the social sector to enable them to impact a greater number of people. This is under a collective called Work Well in collaboration with other coaches. 
Anandha Ponnampalam Working on mentoring individuals from minority socio-economic backgrounds to get their first job within 100 days. 
Dylan Kawende Working on mentoring the next Prime Minister under the project #daretodream
Anna Richards Working on supporting 11 ladies from Refugee Resource charity into a food-related business.
Anne-Marie Kesselman Working with Artist Laura Williams on a new monument to sustainability.


A message from the co-organisers Madina Salavdiyeva, Venandah Madanhi, Ines Felizardo:
We are three young lawyers, change-makers and Fellows of the RSA. We have put together this project in the hope of bringing change to our communities. We believe that no act of kindness is too small, and therefore we can make a big impact together through many small acts. This project is designed to accommodate the Fellowship's wide-ranging interests and areas of expertise, with a common goal of having an impact on those around us. We look forward to having you join us on this journey, it is fuelled by the passion of Fellows like yourself.

If you would like to join 100 Fellows on the journey to act for hope then sign up here before 6 July 2022.

To find out more, see their latest Q&A zoom sessionFireside Chat episode, and follow their Linkedin page for updates and more details.