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Hands on the Future is a project started by three Fellows who strongly believe that the activity of making things should again come to the forefront of UK economic strategy and wish to find ways to stimulate and engage a broader local interest and involvement in it.

Their key belief is that the starting point for all wealth creation is the improvement of materials by application of the mind and hand. The possession of these mind/hand skills not only benefits society, but also improves well-being, confidence and self-determination for the individual. 

They are now developing the following aims; 

1/ Contact more local designer/manufacturer Fellows and those in educational/training organisations to join HoTF.

2/ Persuade Fellows in 1/ to engage more with local events/exhibitions to attract more young people to design/make things/work with their hands.

3/ Develop ideas with the RSA and Fellows for a local conference on the subject and possibly a 'Gateway' to hands-on activities.

4/ Make contact with grant-awarding organizations with relevant agendas [RSA,EPSRC,NESTA etc] 

Please contact Peter Mucci if you are interested in getting involved [email protected]


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