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HundrED 2020 Global Collection Released

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XtalksWorldListens has just been officially announced as one of the world’s leading education innovations in K12 education.

Born from an idea in Mzuzu, Malawi from education innovator Alex Bell FSRA in conversation with NGO pioneer, Anna Msowoya-Keys.

The pair believe that every young person has a story that the world could learn from. Alex and Anna, together with a growing global board of volunteer advisers and supporters, have made it their mission to ensure more and more young people in overlooked parts of the world are given the platform to share their story and the audience they deserve.

The free-to-use, easy-to-implement coaching programme is aimed at helping young people to plan, deliver and film a short talk based on first-hand experience. The goal of this is to improve the confidence and capabilities of young people who are doing public speaking for the first time.

To date, Xtalks has partnerships with schools, museums, NGOs and community youth organisations in 8 locations in Africa, Asia & the Caribbean. As a HundrED Global Innovation for 2020, they aim to increase these partnerships to 20 locations in all continents of the world as their next period of growth

More information about Xtalks can be found by visiting the Xtalks website, by reading about Xtalks on the HundrED website or by contacting Alex Bell FRSA directly.

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