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The Incredible Edible movement, a runner up in the 2014 RSA Centenary Prize, has for eight years tested a grassroots approach to shaping a kinder, more resilient future using the medium of local food. Join the Incredible Edible conference on Friday 20th November for a day of thinking outside the box, and maybe through the power of small actions, come up with a different vision for the future.

Over one hundred communities across the UK, from villages to boroughs, are rethinking their spaces, their economy and their social and environmental impact.

The Incredible Edible conference is the next step in taking what has been learned and shaping it into planning and policy challenges, picking up many aspects of the RSA's key themes around Public Services, Creative Learning and Enterprise.

What's the future of the public realm? How do we help people to take responsibility for their own health instead of passing the buck to the NHS? Is growth at all costs the only way to think about prosperity? Just how are we inspiring our children to learn and lead?

Join the movement on Friday 20th November, 9am-4pm for a stimulating day in Todmorden (where it all started!)

Speakers include Pam Warhurst CBE, Founder of Incredible Edible & RSA Yorkshire Chair; Merrick Denton Thomson, President of Landscape Institute; and Lia Ghilardi, internationally respected advisor on cultural regeneration and beyond.

To attend, please click here to register.

Please note, donations of £20 are towards refreshments of local food throughout the day.

Location: Todmorden Town Hall, Todmorden, OL14 5AQ.

Contact Tanya Wall: [email protected] with any questions.

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