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Intercultural Roots presents Anishinaabe Theater Exchange

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The Intercultural Roots' ‘Arts for Health & Social Change’ programme presents the Anishinaabe Theater Exchange.

The Anishinaabe Theater Exchange is a group of Native artists who aim to wield the power of theatre to share Native American stories and activate community networks. The Anishinaabe Theater Exchange hopes to continue to develop performance events which speak to social histories of the Indigenous Peoples.

The Anishinaabe are one of the largest groups of shared identity among Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada. The Anishinaabek extend from northern Canada all the way into the southern United States. Anishinaabe has many translations, “good people” “kind people” “first people” “beings made out of nothing” “spontaneous beings” “those who live upon the Earth in the right way”.

A unique workshop series that is being led by indigenous people will introduce participants to key elements of the Anishinaabe Lifeways through the Niizhwaaswi Mishomisag (7 Grandfather Teachings) and Niizhwaaswi Dodemag (7 Clans) as tools for living a good life. The series breaks down how these gifts and responsibilities have the power to enrich our cultures, personal journeys, and global society.

We will go further in depth with each Grandfather and Clan exploring decolonisation, truth-telling, anti-racism and realising their implications in our own lives and communities.

For more information see Intercultural Roots and Anishinaabe Theater Exchange.

Intercultural Roots (IR) is an independent not-for-profit charity. FRSA Dr Alex Boyd is Executive Director.