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Help test the Eco Buddy app, a personal carbon diary

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The CO2 emissions of the richest countries have far reaching implications for the environment, and the poorest suffer the most. This has to change.

This is why Andrea Bizzotto FRSA has built Eco Buddy, a mobile app to help reduce your carbon footprint.

With Eco Buddy you can drive collective change:

  • Learn about CO2 emissions and the impact of food and transport on the environment.
  • Keep a diary of your carbon emissions from food and transport. Enter information about what you eat and how you travel, and compare your emissions between different days.
  • Whether you move by foot, bike, train, bus, car or plane, you can track your carbon footprint and see how to reduce it.
  • Share your CO2 emissions on social media and compare them with your friends.
  • Donate to climate protection projects.

You can find out more about Eco Buddy on the official website, or watch this video from the most recent RSA Engage event.

There are three ways Fellows can get involved with this project:

A usability session consists of an informal one-to-one meeting of 30 to 45 minutes, where you will be asked to use the app to perform some tasks.

This is an opportunity for the app developer to see how you use the app, and for you to contribute with your ideas and help shape this project and its development.

To clarify, the aim of this is to test the product, not you. You can't do anything wrong, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes.

To sign up to take part in an usability session, please fill in this form.

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