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"Do organisational, political and educational systems have to be the way they are? Are there better ways?"

RSA Fellow, Katz Kiely, is a digital transformation and organisational change expert. She believes that our current working processes are no longer fit for purpose.

She recently appeared on BBC Radio 4's Four Thought programme to explore exactly this issue. She discusses the problems and anachronisms of society's current ways of working and how we can and must start to make them fit for the 21st Century.

Due to the transformations wrought by new technologies she argues that "for the first time in human history we have all the knowledge and tools we need to harness the full potential of people." We urgently need to examine, challenge and innovate existing systems in order to release this potential in full and put people's needs at the heart of our societal structures.

Listen to or download Katz Kiely's full call to action here.

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