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Kent charities art exhibition showcases addiction recovery

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The West Kent Recovery Service provides support for individuals and families trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The service is formed of two charities; CRI, who offer clinical and therapeutic support and The RSA, who implement the Whole Person Recovery programme.

The service encourages people to develop themselves by becoming involved in a variety of creative activities. Art has long been used as a transformational tool for people recovering from injury or illness. Art in all forms allows a person freedom to express their inner thoughts and feelings in a manner they may otherwise be unable to achieve. The West Kent Recovery Service supports a vibrant recovery community who take part in a comprehensive activities programme.

The West Kent Recovery community is pleased to contribute to an exhibition of some of this work, sponsored by Kent County Council. The exhibition showcases the positivity and creativity that can come from the recovery process, and help to challenge the stigma around addiction recovery. 

As one piece of art on display proudly points out ‘Broken Crayons Still Colour’. 

The exhibition is on display in County Hall, Maidstone, Kent from 22nd – 26th February 2016 from 9am-5pm.


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