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Metamorphosis workshops for creative wellbeing

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Elated from being awarded £28,000 from National Lottery and The Big Issue Invest ‘Social Enterprise Support Fund’, the UK-based, globally-facing team at Intercultural Roots (co-directed by RSA Fellow Dr Alex Boyd) is ready to leap forward.

Alex says, “These funds will allow Intercultural Roots to employ a part-time outreach and social engagement worker and project manager to further develop our website and promotion to attract 2,500 excluded and marginalised people to our creative wellbeing activities over the next 12 months.”

Coming up at the end of July are a series of ‘Metamorphosis’ creative labs, workshops and performances, aimed at supporting artists that Intercultural Roots has been working with during the pandemic. In an uplifting way of intervening against the loneliness, anxiety and depression many artists and practitioners have experienced, 'Metamorphosis' encourages connection, resilience and inspiration through funded support and critical care.

On Friday 29 July, Alex will be co-facilitating a workshop at Siobhan Davies Studios (Elephant & Castle, London) with Dr Andrea Maciel, sharing embodied research that joins Bartenieff-Laban dance with Qigong, work that started in 2019. On Saturday 30 July, five female and non-binary artists will be sharing a 'Moving Bodies of Water' somatic movement, puppeteering and storytelling workshop and performances entitled 'Female Voices in Flow', both at Open House Hackney.

As well as being the Executive Director at Intercultural Roots, Dr Alex Boyd FRSA is a Research Associate with the University of California at Davis where he completed his PhD in Performance Studies and Critical Education. He is the conceiver and co-founder of the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR - International Federation for Theatre Research. Contact: [email protected]