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MSc@CREATe - Equipping Digital Innovators and Creative Leaders

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Do you work in a sector where digital rights and obligations are a key concern?

Did you know that successful leadership in the digital creative economy requires linking complex legal provisions (such as copyright, trademarks, data protection and privacy) to economic analysis and strategic thinking about markets and regulation?

 Dr Sukhpreet Singh & Dr Elena Cooper from the University of Glasgow teach on an executive Masters programme that offers professional development and validation of executive expertise to develop digital innovators and creative leaders.


Intellectual property rights are devised to encourage innovation in culture, business, and technology. Laws give protection to different types of creations, turning culture into goods that can be transacted, bought and sold. This is called the Creative Economy.

In the digital world, things change rapidly at the interface of rights, data, and information. These changes affect society at large, and in particular the work of creative businesses, digital innovators, cultural heritage organisations, and policy-makers. Asking the right questions and getting useful answers often requires the combination of different areas of expertise.

CREATe, a globally leading research institute on copyright law and the creative economy based at the University of Glasgow, has developed the MSc@CREATe - an online executive Master of Science in IP, Innovation and the Creative Economy.

Come join us for breakfast in London!

The MSc@CREATe will host a breakfast open house at the RSA House London from 0830-0930 during the CREATe Festival on 24 June 2016.

This event will allow you to meet the teaching team of the MSc in IP, Innovation and the Creative Economy. There will also be a dedicated MSc@CREATe stand through the day, as part of the CREATe Festival, where you can drop in.

Request a place now at the breakfast open house by emailing [email protected]


MSc@CREATe – courses and further details

Through innovative methods, CREATe’s team of lawyers, economists, social scientists and business strategists, investigate the future of creative production in the digital age, and in particular the role of copyright. The MSc@CREATe offers you their insights and the skills to apply authoritative knowledge to your professional context.

The core of the programme crosses disciplines.  It covers:

  • Law, gaining detailed knowledge of how copyright, trade mark, data legislation and judicial decisions regulate creative production, and what legal tools can be used to protect content and brands.
  • Economics, acquiring a critical understanding of the fundamental determinants of economic performance and Innovation, as well as analytical and applied skills, such as using data analysis tools.
  • User behaviour, and social science approaches to investigating online communities; strategic decision making, applying the insights from strategic management scholarship to lead creative firms.

You’ll also learn how to make connections across these specialist disciplines, by investigating the key concepts needed to understand the creative economy.

Previous relevant qualifications equivalent to a degree are required on this programme, but not necessarily in law or economics. You’ll be able to study in your own time and choose among a range of optional courses that suit your professional interests and needs.

Cutting-edge online learning tools, populated with real-world research and case studies, will guide you through the challenges of today’s creative industries. Interactive forums and the option to attend live or recorded master classes will grow your network and give you access to peers and leaders across diverse creative and regulatory sectors. On successful completion of the programme, you will have a detailed understanding of digital rights and obligations that enables strategic decisions and policy making.

For further information, visit or email Dr Sukhpreet Singh, Director of MSc@CREATe.

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