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On the road to belonging: event and production

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Please join Birmingham based youth organisation ‘Work in Progress’ on 1st June for performances, workshops and debates all around the theme of Belonging. This special event includes premiere of their latest play: Belonging.

The purpose of the event is to generate awareness of the five main topics taken from the story of ‘belonging’. These subjects are homelessness, immigration, equality, migration, mental health & wellbeing. 

Belonging will be shared in the Foyle Studio at the mac on 1st June at 12.20pm and 7pm. For tickets contact mac Box Office: 0121 446 3232  

For tickets to the whole event RSVP here.  

“I wanted to begin the process of exploring the theme of Belonging because I think it is such an important issue for all humans. As we increasingly live not just in England but as citizens of the world, I wondered what the theme means to individuals, communities and society as a whole. We live in a time of such turmoil; from foodbanks to dead babies on beaches, I simply wanted to reach out to other people, to discover their sense of belonging and to ponder what could be done to help myself and others feel better connected, to have a sense of place and to feel that we truly belong. So far I have been amazed and overwhelmed by the stories uncovered that have helped to create our new play and will inform a large event at mac this June. I hope you will join us to explore this important issue.” 

- Ruth Richardson FRSA, Director at Work in Progress  

Day Schedule: 

12.00 noon: Welcome from the WiPsters in the Foyle Studio 

12.20-13.00: Belonging performance (Foyle Studio)

13.00-14.00: Debates, workshops and fun things round 1 (various spaces at mac) 

14.00-14.15: Break (cakes and tea) 

14.15-15.15: Debates, workshops and fun things round 2 (various spaces at mac) 

15.15-16.00: Belonging round up - this is where we will all get into one group and discuss what the theme means to us, what the issues are that need to be addressed, identifying what we can do something about and agreeing how we are going to go about it. 

16.00: Daytime event ends.  

Extra workshop: 5-6pm: Take part in a WiP drama workshop led by the cast and directors of Belonging. 


Plan for evening guests (all in the Foyle Studio) 

18.30-19.00: Performances from some of Birmingham's best. 

19.00-19.40: Belonging Performance (in case you missed it earlier)

19.40-20.30: Drinks in the bar 

If that hasn't been enough to wet your whistle, here's a bit about the play...  

WiP presents a brand new piece of theatre, Belonging.  

Join us as we meet two groups of characters desperately trying to find a place to belong as their lives hang in the balance. 

We hear the stories of five people brought together by circumstance. Sleeping in a cardboard city of secrets, fears and anxieties, which fuel the unquenchable fire they encamp around at night. As reality hits they discover that the fire is not the only thing awake at night. 

In the meantime a band of space travellers desperately search for a place to land. They are passed from pillar to post between inflexible regimes, changing opening times, unwilling citizens and a government in chaos. Their numbers are dwindling and the situation becomes ever more urgent, but no-one will listen. No-one seems to care that their rights have been violated. No-one even seems to think that they are people. 

Here are what some of the guests think about the subject:   

“We need the support of our local communities to ensure we can help homeless young people achieve a brighter future!” 

– St Basils 

“Our community projects promote dignity and prevent the cycle of helplessness.”

- Hand in Hand for Syria 

“Anything can help those with nothing”, “There are certain times of the year when the needs of Asylum SeekersRefugees, and Immigrants are greater than others.”

-St Chads Sanctuary 

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