One Year On, The RSA Cambridge Network finds success in The Cambridge Culture Card Scheme - RSA

One Year On, The RSA Cambridge Network finds success in The Cambridge Culture Card Scheme

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One year ago, RSA Cambridge Meetup identified major areas that influence inequality in the transition to employment. Their report outlines the first successes of the Cambridgeshire Culture Card Scheme and defines future strategy.

In October 2018 fellows identified areas to reform in transitioning to employment and developed the Cambridgeshire Culture Card Scheme.  The report describes the exploration and testing phases of the project and goals for the future.


The Culture Card is a modern take on the library card. The new ''smart'' cards will record cultural engagement data, allowing local areas to use data prepare for future engagement projects and test strategies to engage disadvantaged young people. 


RSA fellows help schools integrate the Culture Card concept into career, academic and personal development offerings for students. Fellows work with organisations such as Form the Future to build links with employers and culture providers to raise young people's aspirations and career successes. The Cambridge Culture Card Scheme aims to address inequalities through expanding access to the arts for young people. The fellows have found practical ways to get involved and work across organisations. 


The project has a specific goal of supporting increased engagement of disadvantaged children and young people, building on evidence of the impact of arts and cultural engagement on attainment and aspiration, and the data that demonstrates that library cards are already more widely held by disadvantaged young people.

The network will be entering the implementation and prototype phase when full funding for the scheme has been achieved. 


The project is supported by the County and Cambridge City Councils and a wide range of other organisations connected with arts and culture. The project is also supported as part of the national RSA Cities of Learning initiative.

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