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Onesqin Social Enterprise: Giving trickle-down a shake-up

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Onesqin is a social enterprise that donates all profits from premium, essential products to empower girls in need through education.

OneSqin creates an opportunity to participate in social change, simply by switching brands when buying essential items. The products offered are premium, organic cotton tampons and natural skin cream – and 100% of profits go to projects that provide education for girls in need.

The simple goal of the project is to enable more and more girls to escape a cycle of poverty and allow them to flourish – investing in a change that goes beyond the individual to their wider communities and the world.

Co-founded by Neil Richmond FRSA, OneSqin connects conscious consumers with a way to make a difference. It’s an act of faith in a different business model – openly challenging the purpose of profit, and embracing the entrepreneur’s responsibility to build a fairer world.

Support for pupils at the SEGA Girls School in Tanzania has already begun, through the charity Nurturing Minds. But OneSqin now needs your help to grow. The explosive potential of this idea is in the hands of the people who will share it within their networks - a butterfly effect whereby many small actions combine to create large-scale change.

Sign up for launch updates at, and please share us with your networks. If you’d like to be involved, please ask about volunteering, joining the Advisory Board or even becoming a OneSqin brand ambassador by contacting Neil Richmond

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