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Change the adversarial system of parliament to one of collaboration and cooperation

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Robert Hillier Clark FRSA is seeking support for his petition to create a more collaborative, cooperative parliamentary system.

With the ever burgeoning desire for the populace to become aware, debate & make clear their opinions on all issues, new mechanisms are overdue for development to enable voters to participate more directly in Government.

People feel disconnected from government and this needs to be corrected.

Historically it was practical and effective to have a select educated few to govern the country. New technology, societal development and issue awareness can mean voters can be rationally called on to participate more directly and effectively in Government. Current Politicians talk about "a mandate" to enact policies, whereas all voters want is more statesmanship, conscience and action predicated on an understanding of their custodianship of a precious trust given to them by the people.

Sign this petition and make it clear you want to see a new type of democracy in the UK.

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