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Regenerative Futures and Leadership group: Devon and Somerset

Fellowship news

A small number of Fellows in Devon and Somerset are creating a network group drawing on the RSA Programme of Work Regenerative Futures, with a particular emphasis on leadership.

As we respond to an unpredictable future and the complex challenges we now face, the purpose of the group is to make a difference through action rather than words, and to move from problem solving to pattern shifting. There are plans to support any Fellows with leadership commitments in the locality, so that together we can impact on the future of our communities and help our entrepreneurs. The group also has an interest in innovation. Opportunities for other local Fellows to engage are being planned for the autumn and will appear in the newsletter.

Life Fellow Peter Randall-Page RA and recent chair of the Fellowship council, Nick Parker, have organised an impressive exhibition of contemporary sculpture by emerging artists based in or connected to the Southwest. The exhibition is being held in the beautiful Stone Lane Gardens near Chagford in Devon from 1 June to 31 October 2021.

Nick is hosting ‘small private views’ where he escorts groups of up to 20 people around the exhibition, telling the story of each piece.  Carolyn Hooker FRSA is convening at least one group to visit. Nick suggests other Fellows might like to come in groups on the same day but at different times. Each ‘private view’ takes just over an hour, but Nick recommends allowing two hours to include a wander, some chatting and a cup of tea. To arrange a viewing, contact Nick at [email protected].