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RSA History: The Barry Murals

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James Barry, the artist who painted the murals in the Great Room, had some strong opinions on anonymous criticism.

Tucked away in the mural's depiction of Hell, or Tartarus, is the Anonymous Detractor. Reminiscent of today's internet trolls, Barry as far back as 1783 called them "that detestable species of mischief in which we so much abound": 

"With his horrid face, appearing under an innocent placid-looking mask, a dagger in one hand, and falsehood and scandal in the other ... This will serve as a kind of genus, including all the several species of these horrid assassins, from the volunteer who writes to gratify his own occasional spleen, rage, and envy, to the hireling who follows this business in an orderly professional way". 

Next time you're in the Great Room, see if you can spot him!

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