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RSA Peru at the Británico: The societies and technology series

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The Asociación Cultural Peruano Británica (Británico) in Peru is hosting a series of events organised by the RSA Peru which feature videos RSA events and follow-up conversations led by local experts. The aim of this series is to meet and watch RSA talks together, discuss the ideas and concepts raised, and reflect on how they may apply to the Peruvian context.

The series kicked-off in late January with a discussion on The Existential Threat of Big Tech, by Franklin Foer. Enrique Mendizabal, the RSA Peru’s connector facilitated the discussion. This was followed by a second screening of Foer’s talk on 5th April, which was facilitated by Alice Merry (FRSA).

Upcoming events

Future events include:  Ken Robinson on Creativity at University (16th May) followed by a discussion led by Felipe Portocarrero (former Chancellor of Universidad del Pacífico),  Dr Clotaire Rapaille and Dr Andres Roemer on Why Some Cultures Advance While Others Don’t (6 June) followed by a discussion led by Norma Correa (Lecturer and researcher at Universidad Católica), Demis Hassabis on Artificial Intelligence and the Future (25 July) followed by a discussion led by Cesar Zevallos (founding TedX Licensee for Peru and internet entrepreneur) and Beth Simone Noveck on Smart Citizens for a Smarter State (8 August) followed by a discussion led by Eduardo Dargent (Lecturer and researcher at Universidad Católica).

The venues will change through the series meeting across Lima, reaching a broad audience. 

To book your place and find more about the RSA in Peru please visit: 

If you have any questions about these events and how to join the RSA Fellowship in Peru, please contact Enrique Mendizabal:

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