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‘Cities and urban areas drive innovation, creativity and growth. In the UK, 80% of us live in them. By 2050 nearly three-quarters of the global population will live in them. Successful cities are critical to the future of humankind.’

- Innovate UK

In 2015 RSA West was pleased to pledge its support to the Universities of Bristol and the West of England’s bid for research funding from UK Research Councils and Innovate UK on the subject of Urban Living Partnerships.

There are only five Urban Living Partnership projects in the UK and the success of this bid was a first-of-its-kind investment in this new area of research. The pilot programme will forge a partnership focused on the City of Bristol and the neighbouring South Gloucestershire urban area. It is being led by the two universities along with support from the RSA, the two local authorities, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and Bristol Health Partners as well as the LEP, the local business community, and citizen groups.

The Bristol Urban Living Partnership team intend to build on the ICIF cognitive modelling approach, which identifies the importance of challenging the ‘business-as-usual’ mind-set in order to effect real change. At the project's heart is an emphasis on co-creation and co-production with local communities, and an acknowledgement that citizen behaviour and action are essential to the delivery of desired societal outcomes. The ICIF framework will be used to diagnose complex problems across four ‘Challenge Themes’: Mobility & Accessibility, Health & Happiness, Equality & Inclusion and the ‘Carbon Neutral’ city.

Fellows in the region who are interested in contributing to this innovative new project are invited to get in touch with the project co-ordinators to express interest. More information and contact details can be found here.

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