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This year marks the 100th anniversary of the most devastating human pandemic ever, the Spanish Flu. Infecting one third of the world’s population and killing at least four times the death toll from the First World War, it affected all strata of society and every corner of the globe.

RSA Fellow Martin Wilkie and his team at have produced a thought provoking, immersive Spanish Flu Exhibition exploring the causes and impact of the virus for the Florence Nightingale Museum in London.

Within a very compact space the scale of the medical response is reflected in a recreated military field hospital. Hands-on and touchscreen interactives, a viral reveal and chilling scratch card trail to see if your character lives or dies help focus the audience.

In an era before advances into modern medicine, it was the dedicated nursing administered by professional, volunteer and home nursing that saved many lives. Would our new global society be able to mobilise in such a coherent way again? Let’s hope we never need to find out.

 Spanish Flu Exhibition

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