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STEM Education in Northern Ireland’s Primary Schools

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An effective STEM Education for primary school children is essential if society is going to prepare the future generations to be able to effectively engage with both the digital and engineering demands of the 21st century - Dr Kieran McGeown FRSA.

Dr Kieran McGeown FRSA, Dr Michael Ievers FRSA and Dr Alan Pollock FRSA are currently engaged in research work which is focussed on producing evidence illustrating the benefits to Northern Ireland (NI) society of including a statutory STEM education programme in the NI curriculum for primary schools.

This research work will include both extensive and intensive input from partners based within Higher Education, schools and local industry. This ongoing work will build upon the results of a recently completed research project (funded by an RSA Ireland Fellowship grant), undertaken by Dr McGeown and Dr Ievers.

Kieran and Michael recently conducted an interview with NVTV, Belfast’s local TV station, in which they presented their arguments for an effective STEM Education policy in Northern Ireland’s primary schools.

Watch the interview: STEM Education in NI Primary Schools.

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