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Are you looking for a breakthrough or new direction? Street Wisdom can help

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Mark Brown FRSA invites Fellows based across the globe to try the Street Wisdom format.

Street Wisdom is an immersive, street based workshop that teaches you how to find inspiration using your urban environment. It’s a simple, accessible and free way of finding fresh answers to important questions that has helped individuals and organisations all over the world find new perspective. There have been a number of RSA Street Wisdom events across the UK, and they have received strong feedback from participants.  Now, Street Wisdom are keen to support global Fellows to make use of this format wherever they are based. 

If you are looking for breakthroughs either on a project, or in life, or want to work out how to turn ideas into action, you might find it useful to give Street Wisdom a try. It is free to take part and you can learn to use it yourself easily and quickly.

Street Wisdom is a global enterprise run by volunteers, in over 30 countries worldwide. The simple, powerful approach means workshops can be run anywhere, anytime - all you need is the street. You can find events near you or learn how to run your own events at You simply download the free facilitators guide, set up your event and take to the streets. It’s based on the principle that you don’t need to travel far from your normal environment to find the headspace for important decisions: you can get away, without getting away. 

The team provide all the resources you need including a free to download audio guide so you can tap into the technology at any time.

Street Wisdom have worked with corporate and community organisations alike, and their community work has helped thousands of individuals all over the world experience breakthroughs (read some of their stories here). It’s a re-energising three hour session that equips you with a new, creative way of solving problems.

There are experienced Street Wisdom facilitators in 36 countries worldwide including Canada, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Kenya, Italy, Bulgaria, Australia and the USA - some of them RSA Fellows.

If you or your team are looking for inspiration on a project and would like help to create a specific Street Wisdom event, email [email protected], RSA Street Wisdom Network lead. He will be happy to offer advice to help start activity where you are or connect you up with a Street Leader in your area, within the UK and internationally.

When you look at the familiar with fresh eyes - great things happen

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