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Sunshine is Working for a School in Bradford

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Glenaire Primary School and Run on Sun Fun(d) Charitable Trust in Bradford aims to inspire pupils of the school about solar power, renewable energy and the need to combat global warming.

Pupils are already enthusiastic: the school council has suggested many ways of solar development for their institution, which has Eco-school status. Moreover, they aim to raise £5500 to install photovoltaic (PV) electricity-generating panels on the roof of their school, which has above average numbers on free school meals and 28.25% on the Special Educational Needs Register. Their interest is augmented by the fact that some of the properties near the school were flooded in the December 2015 inundations.

The Trustees of the Trust include John D Anderson FRSA, a member of Friends of the Earth as Chair, another member of Friends of the Earth, the Chair of Governors, the caretaker, a parent, two teachers and the school office manager.  

Teaching on the benefits and delights of solar power is on-going with all pupils; they generate artistic creations and activities which link with numeracy in the national curriculum, and are making a photographic display of progress.  Moreover, each class is running a fun activity to raise money for the project. The gains for the school will be a solar-educated group of pupils and staff:  their computing system will be able to download the electricity generated from their roof so that they may use these figures for real mathematical activities. In addition, the school will have lower electricity bills and less Co2 emissions.  

The school roof has been surveyed and is eminently suitable for photovoltaic installation, but Bradford Council no longer pay for PV panels on school roofs. The constitution and methodology of the Run on Sun Fun(d) are easily adaptable for other schools: Glenaire Primary School will be a solar beacon for the other schools in the council Ward, none of which have solar panels. It will help to transform the local community into one that is aware of the imperatives and benefits of using solar power.

John D Anderson is keen to share the constitution and methodology of this project with any other school interested. He can be contacted on [email protected].

Donations can be given to the fund, which stands at £1300 on 20 May 2017, by visiting:

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