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Last week we launched an RSA area on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to support the most exciting Fellows’ ideas. Crowdfunding is an emerging low-cost way of mobilising money and networks for new social innovations and enterprises. 

s’ projects! Here’s how you can get involved

The six projects currently on the new RSA crowdfunding page hope to make a positive impact on our communities. There will be many more projects going up in the weeks to come. Help Fellows’ ideas be one of the very few that ‘go viral’, attracting significant support from a much wider international audience. If you back the project you also have a stake in it going forward through the rewards; you can explore these on the relevant project pages:   

 crowd funding

Visit the RSA crowdfunding page on Kickstarter and support the projects from Fellows' doing amazing things:

Special launch offer to the first 200 Fellows

The RSA will match to a maximum of £10 the first 200 Fellows who back these projects. To get an extra £10 going towards your favourite project all you have to do is tell us (and the world!) which project you’ve backed via one of the following:

  • tweeting using #RSACrowdfunding hashtag 
  • posting a status update on the RSA’s facebook group
  • posting a comment in the RSA Fellows LinkedIn group


It's not all about the money! 

You can also help these projects by sharing it with your network on social media as outlined above or by giving feedback or offering your voluntary time by contacting a project via the platform.  

Do you have a project which could receive RSA Catalyst support?There will be a regular stream of Fellows’ projects which will come through the RSA Kickstarter area – all supported by RSA Catalyst. If you have a great idea or project which you think could be supported by the RSA, Catalyst provides money, expertise and support through crowdfunding to Fellow-led ideas that aim to have a positive social impact.   

Find out more about RSA Catalyst and crowdfunding

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