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The big idea: using product design to raise aspirations

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The idea for the Dreamers' Supply Company from Eugenie Teasley FRSA grew following a pitching event in Brighton where she was awarded funds from the South East region to test her idea. After two successful bids for RSA Catalyst funds and support, the Dreamers' Supply Company is now a thriving enterprise giving aspiring young people the chance to use their creativity and develop design skills. They are teamed with volunteer design professionals to create products for sale and distribution with the Design Museum.  The prototype products were made pro bono by Build design agency, and launched at the Design Museum in September. The events have been hugely popular with everyone involved, young and old and Eugenie now has plans to take the project UK wide and beyond...

The Dreamers' Supply Company is the first revenue-generating project for Eugenie's charity, Spark+Mettle, that enables marginalised young people to develop their creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills. They call themselves an aspirations company, helping people to flourish.

In a period when youth unemployment has soared past the 1,000,000 mark and young people are both more connected online but more disengaged as ever, as Eugenie says, “we need to be able to dream. And to dream big”.

And her vision: “We want to capitalize on the energy, imagination and innovative capacities of aspiring young people from less privileged backgrounds and provide them with the opportunity to make the most of their time and talents by designing, creating and taking products to market. It will give them a real-world opportunity to use their creative thinking and collaborate, as well as project-manage and budget. Whatever careers they end up in: this will help them stand out from the rest.”

How you can help 

Eugenie has received funds from the South East region and RSA Catalyst (as well as crowd funding platform BuzzBnk) and is also one of the nine social entrepreneurs taking part this year Social Enterprise Spotlight, the case-study project from the Social Entrepreneurs Network.

The project is now focusing on retail and supply. Moving into the future, Eugenie would like help from another Fellow who can mentor and support her develop and scale the project. She is looking for advice and guidance from someone who has experience in advertising, marketing and business planning, especially for online retail. 

As the Dreamers Supply Company intend to continue with the co-creation design model, they will also be looking to include Fellows with experience in design, copywriting and leading collaboration sessions, especially when we reach out to schools.  

You can contact Eugenie at the Dreamers' Supply Company web site or:

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