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The Divided Brain Dialogues

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RSA Fellows are invited to join ‘The Divided Brain Dialogues’ webinar on Friday 23 July at 19.00 BST.

This public debate held at Northampton University will be a global conversation hosted by Cambridge, Northampton and Oxford universities exploring how the 'rational' brain got us into the current social, educational and economic challenges and how the 'intuitive' brain, communities, conversations and collaboration can get us out.

Joining psychiatrist and author Iain McGilchrist in conversation will be Roy Leighton, FRSA and other panelists who focus for peace building in social change, building relationships, developing resilience and getting results.

Join the conversation on Friday 23 July from 19.00- 20.30 BST. The webinar link will be made available from midday on the day of the event.