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Equity efforts launched by The Forbes Funds

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The Forbes Funds, a Pittsburgh, PA based philanthropic nonprofit led by Fred Brown, FRSA, is proud to announce the launch of two equity centered initiatives.

Launched in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, Department of the Future, and the Heinz Endowments, The International Anti-Racism Institutional Wireframe Cohort (ARC) is a year-long learning initiative designed to go beyond traditional equity, diversity & inclusion training to systemically shift organizational cultures. Together, participating organizations commit to “an institutional and community-level opportunity to be part of the solution: a society that is equitable from the individual up to the systems level.”

The Black Equity Coalition is an ongoing initiative to coalesce action around mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on the populations of Southwestern Pennsylvania affected most by the ongoing pandemic. The coalition is “comprised of a group of physicians, researchers, epidemiologists, public health and health care professionals” and additional people that are critical to addressing the public health crisis.

Those interested in learning more about either initiative should contact the The Forbes Funds’ Director of Community Partnerships & Sustainability, Kellie Ware-Seabron.

General inquires about The Forbes Funds should be submitted via their Contact Us form.