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Inclusive Growth and Citizen Engagement

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The Inclusive Growth and Citizen Engagement project is a dynamic piece of participatory research exploring the meaning of citizenship today and the value of different citizen engagement methods and mechanisms that might help deliver more inclusive local economies.

We are running a Medium portal that we are populating with content generated by RSA staff and Fellows. We are looking for Fellows who are interested in contributing their experiences of citizen engagement in the growth of their communities, whether that is at work, at home or in their social life. 

Additionally if you are aware of examples of innovative citizen engagement strategies that are designed to enable broad and meaningful participation in the setting of the economic and social policy in a locality, and want to write about them, please get in touch. We are particularly interested in the rationale behind the engagement approach, the outcomes achieved and the benefits and drawbacks of those outcomes. You can find some examples in this article by Clare Devaney, Director and Founder of Citizen-i.

To register your interest in becoming a contributor please contact: [email protected]

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