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The Masks of Gender is a new podcast which gives a voice to those valuable insights into gender that may not usually be heard.

In the form of conversations with Persia West FRSA, The Masks of Gender covers people who live with gendered intersections around race, age, LGBT+ identities, masculinity, intersex bodies, transgender and non-binary identities and more, impart their wisdom.

Persia’s sharing of her own transgender identity and experience in human rights and equalities work helps open doors to the hearts of others.

The podcast currently features conversations with an intersex activist; a feminine woman in the masculine world of tech; a gay man on culture and the power of words; different ways of seeing gender in India, recorded in Kolkata; the compassion of a transgender Christian priest; and more.

The podcast aims to help bring about respect, openness and greater inclusion in our changing society by facilitating understanding of real, living people and their experiences. By opening our eyes to the realities of others, differences and barriers fade, not only for those who diverge from the gender norm, but for everyone in our gender-divided world.

The podcaster is looking for support in developing the podcast, with promotion, funding or sponsorship to make the long-term possible, and with more remarkable people with something to say about gender in their world.

All are invited to listen to the podcast and leave comments on the website. Any ideas most welcome.

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