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The Purposeful Enterprise Online Summit, set up by Jenny Andersson FRSA is a series of interviews which brings together authors, academics, thought-leaders and brands to look at the role of purpose within the future of enterprise.

We are living through a period where increasing volatility, complexity and uncertainty is the new business norm. There has never been a more complex, high speed, unsure time, nor a more exciting opportunity to be creating a new enterprise. For the first time, all businesses have an opportunity to contribute something meaningful to the future of humanity and the planet, beyond simple philanthropy, CSR or even sustainability. It’s a chance to ensure we all thrive on an interconnected planet for generations to come. 

One of the best ways to navigate a course through the choppy waters of change is to activate soul purpose inside your enterprise. But can any business be purposeful? What strategic tools and processes help us?  

These are some of the questions we discuss with guests including Otto Scharmer, Richard Barrett of the Barrett Values Centre, Sally Uren of Forum for the Future, authors Giles Hutchins, Simon Robinson, Finn Jackson, and brands building net-positive and 'teal' organisations. 

The Purposeful Enterprise Online Summit - April 11-13

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