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Now that the RSA and CrowdPatch have helped London Fellows meet their project targets, we are running a pilot scheme to help social entrepreneurs in the South Central region to realise their dreams for local communities.

Crowdfunding is a channel for raising money, building networks and creating and marketing and publicity buzz. CrowdPatch offers a way for social entrepreneurs to succeed in all three strands.

Case studies of live projects in RSA South Central

CrowdPatch is currently running a pilot scheme programme with the RSA in the South Central region. These projects are highlighted below:

Manga Paradise Lost
(project owner: Kelly O’Reilly, business director, Milton’s Cottage; RSA Champion: John Dugdale)

– Campaign to mark the 350th anniversary of the publication of Paradise Lost in 2017 by commission a manga edition of Milton's epic masterpiece to engage a new generation of readers with his work.

Ridgeway National Trail
(project owner: Linda Walton, exective, Chiltern Society Heritage Group; RSA Champion: Geoffrey Wiggett)

– Campaign to assist the Chiltern Society Heritage Group partner with the Ridgeway Partnership to 'manage, develop and promote the Ridgeway National Trail' by looking for volunteers to get involved.

Brain Mind Forum
(project owner: Tam McDonald, Communications Director, Brain Mind Forum; RSA Champion: Charles Ross)

– Campaign to build a website to enable the development of a community interested in furthering the potential of human brains and computers converging.


Please check out these campaigns and contribute and/or volunteer if you can.



Christopher Norris FRSA is Head of Crowdfunding at CrowdPatch. He is a media, publishing and social entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience of joining the dots between crowdfunding, book publishing, digital media, television, music and film by being passionate about making things happen, publicising excellence and helping others achieve their creative goals. He has run several successful crowdfunding campaigns – including a current project at CrowdPatch called The Icelanders Cometh (a project that is raising funds for UK libraries to spend on books by Icelandic authors translated into English) as part of the launch of the Jolabokaflod Book Campaign another of Chris’ business ventures. Chris serves on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Crowdfunding that meets regularly at the House of Commons under the chairmanship of Barry Sheerman MP.

To find out more about what funding opportunities are right for your projects, get in touch with Chris  via his RSA profile page or email him at [email protected]

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