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The science behind belief

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Social polarisation is becoming increasing problematic as debates around critical issues like climate change and foreign intervention risk becoming gridlocked.

Neuroscientist Kris de Meyer FRSA wanted to understand more about how we get to this state of having strong convictions. In conversation with his friend - filmmaker Sheila Marshall - they decided to find an engaging way to share scientific insights around belief with the public. 

The result is their documentary film Right Between Your Ears which follows a group of people in the US who came to believe the world would end on 21 May 2011. Kris and Sheila wanted to capture how it feels to believe something so extraordinary especially since, unlike in our gridlocked public debates, these people would find out if their conviction was right or not, on that given date.

The film documents this incredible journey; it is almost finished but they need your help with funding the post-production.  

Support their crowdfunding campaign on RSA Kickstarter

As conflict and political stalemate continue to affect hundreds of nations across the world, Kris and Sheila are uncovering different ways to think about the nature of our fundamental disagreements. They've already begun to work with institutions such as University College London and are keen to hear from educational groups, schools and any other individuals or groups interested in conflict resolution and dialogue.

Get in touch at  [email protected] 

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